“When a child is missing, you want every resource available immediately. In the worst cases of child abduction, over 72% are murdered within the first three hours. Having a good scent sample can be as important as having a recent photograph. This is the new and improved Child I.D. Kit. It can save a life.”

– Samantha’s mother, Erin Runnion

Recommended Content:
– Folder or large manila envelope labeled with your child’s name (one per child)
– Current photograph with name and date on the back
– Photocopy of custodial agreements and/or judgements
– Photocopy of Birth Certificate
– Photocopy of Dental Records
– Photocopy of Medical Records
– Photocopy of School Records (keep report cards here)
– Photocopy of
– List of ongoing or chronic medical conditions and/or prescription medication(s)
– Information about your child on one page: name, birth date, gender, weight, height, school name, grade, ethnicity, blood type, moles, scars, and birthmarks.
– Scheduled activities (school, after-school, or extracurricular programs with contact information and/or caregivers names and numbers)
– Fingerprint card
– DNA Sample (There are several ways to collect DNA. The easiest way for most parents is to clip your child’s clean fingernails and put the trimmings into a paper envelope. Tape the envelope closed. Write the child’s name and the date collected on the envelop and put it in the manila envelope. DNA samples are good for 3-5 years. They do not need to be refrigerated or frozen. Do not put DNA sample into a plastic bag.)


For further information about the Child ID Kit and proactive safety tips, please visit The Joyful Child Foundation.